Doctor’s Frequently Asked Questions

Doctors’ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if my practice qualifies?

We have a very short set of general practice questions we need to answer to calculate your additional revenue potential and see if it makes sense for us to take the next step.

You have 4 options. Choose whichever is most convenient:

  1. Complete the short online form at this secure page
  2. Download the form by clicking here and return it fax (877) 966-6438 or email to
  3. Call and have us take your information over the phone (877) 327-8111
  4. Book a phone or physical appointment online –
Who will run the Allergy lab?

Healthcare providers will select appropriate candidates for allergy testing and treatment. Allergy tests and immunotherapy treatment are administered by an allergy technician. However, all allergy services are performed under the supervision of a doctor or appropriate healthcare provider.

What is the doctor's financial responsibility in opening an allergy lab?

There is no up-front cost for a partnering practice. Allergy Free Labs will provide all the Allergy testing and immunotherapy supplies including a refrigerator to store antigens. The partnering practice provides the space for Allergy services.

What is required of the Provider's staff?

Allergy Free Labs’ staff will be responsible for all Allergy testing, treatment, scheduling, and insurance verifications. Therefore, the Healthcare provider’s staff is responsible for referring patients and managing billing.

How will my staff be trained?

Prior to setting up a lab, Allergy Free Labs will review the process for identifying appropriate candidates for testing. Also, we will review billing procedures with on-site or off-site billing personnel.

How is invoicing managed?

In order to build up cash flow from the allergy services, your practice will not be billed by Allergy Free Labs until 30 days after the initial Allergy services have been provided.

How does the doctor choose the right candidates for testing?

An Allergy profile will be given to patients to determine if they are appropriate candidates for Allergy testing.

Who provides Allergy testing supplies?

There is no out-of-pocket expense for you. Allergy Free Labs provides all necessary supplies.

How often will the Allergy technician be in the office?

AFL will provide your office with an allergy technician on a part time or full time basis.

What is the responsibility of the Doctor’s staff?

There is no additional burden to the doctor’s staff. Allergy Free Labs’ technician handles all scheduling, testing, treatment, and insurance verifications.

How will patients know if Allergy testing is covered by their insurance?

In most cases, allergy testing is covered. Allergy Free Labs will contact your patients’ insurance companies to verify and pre- authorize insurance. Afterwards, patients are contacted and informed of their benefits for allergy testing.