About Us


Allergy Free Labs is located in Boca Raton, Florida and is dedicated in providing practices and clinics with in-house allergy testing equipment and staff at no additional cost. With the demand for allergy treatment rapidly increasing, Allergy Free Labs found this unique opportunity to both help our communities and the medical teams who serve them. We are the first ancillary allergy testing company in Florida, established in 2009 and our clients currently span the state of Florida from Tampa to Miami.


We offer the best, most thorough environmental and food testing, and our staff continually works to develop, test and implement the latest techniques in the treatment of allergies. Our nursing staff has an average of 8 years of allergy experience and to date we have worked with over hundreds of doctors while treating thousands of patients. We follow all OSHA, HIPPA requirements and are 100% stark compliant.


Our current doctors are averaging up to $2500 per treated patient and several practices are averaging over 1 Million Dollars with us to date, get started today!